[driverloader] Any fix for the hang when using newest SuSE 9.1 kernel patches?

KBB0927 at cs.com KBB0927 at cs.com
Mon Jul 12 14:38:20 EDT 2004


I am using centrino 2200BG under SuSE9.1. It has worked wonderfully with
the driverloader driver up to 1.71 version and when SuSE went with 
patching the kernel (2.6.5-7.95 latest) and now 1.72 generic or specific
driverloader installs just fine, but hangs miserably within 1 minute or
so. I have not been able to send dumpdiag.txt because it hangs so

I tried to unpatch the kernel, but am not very familiar with this and 
the kernel on the DVD is too old (2.6.3)

Any fix yet?



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