[driverloader] loading driverloader module hangs system

Norris Dan - IL NORRISD at tusc.com
Wed Jul 14 15:33:15 EDT 2004


I have a Dell D600 with their TrueMobile 1450 a/b/g adapter (Broadcom 43xx)
and it works great--that is, as long as you have the AC power plugged in.
It took me a while to figure out, but I've determined that if you execute a
"modprobe driverloader" while on battery power, the system hangs and never

The Linux distro is RHEL ES 3 2.4.20-15.EL and that version doesn't have an
implementation of APM or ACPI (according to them and there's no apm module
available).  Obviously, this has something to do with power management and
I've looked at the settings in the BIOS for the wireless adapter and there's
nothing in those settings for power management.  Is there any settings on
driverloader's config that could help with this?

I'll send details if more are needed.  The bottom line is that if the system
is running on AC power, works great.  If running on battery, hangs system on
modprobe driverloader.


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