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support for LEAP is provided by the 'xsupplicant' package that you can 
download from


You will need to compile the CVS version of 'xsupplicant' according to this 
note in the documentation :

Future versions of Xsupplicant may include support for:

    # EAP-AKA*
    # EAP-FAST
    # LEAP*
    # EAP-GTC (AKA PEAPv1)

* - The code for this EAP type is finished, but was not included in this 
release for stability reasons. Check CVS if you need this feature, or wait 
for the next release.


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Le 20 Juillet 2004 01:33, cpace at tampabay.rr.com a écrit :
> I'm new to this forum and am not how active it usually is so I'm hoping
> someone may be able to assist me with a problem I am having.  I looked
> through the past forums and could not find anything to give a definitive
> answer so I am hoping someone here may know how to setup LEAP encryption on
> a TrueMobile 1300 mini-PCI card on a Dell D600 laptop.  I have the drive r
> working and have tested it at home where I have wireless setup but at work
> we use LEAP authentication and I cannot find anywhere to configure it
> within the config file under /etc/driverloader/config/<eth MAC address>.
> Any help with this issue would be most grateful.
> Pace
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