[driverloader] 1.74 e 1.75

Linuxant Support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Thu Jul 22 10:30:07 EDT 2004


please add the following line in your '/etc/modutils/mydriverloader' file :

options driverloader nostackworkaround=1

Then, run the 'update-modules' command in a root shell. Finally, please try 
again with DriverLoader 1.75.

Please let us know if this change fixed the problem or not. You should send us 
your kernel configuration file and tell us what kind of kernel you are 
running (fresh kernel from 'http://www.kernel.org' with or without patches, a 
recompiled Debian kernel, etc...).


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

Le 21 Juillet 2004 17:48, Cristiano De Michele a écrit :
> Hi Marc,
> I gave 1.74 and 1.75 a try and with 1.74 I got several oopses
> and a kernel panic, while with 1.75 I got an MCE exception
> after which laptop was frozen of course...
> I attached dldrconfig -d output,
> regards Cristiano

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