[driverloader] MDK10 kernel 2.6.3-15mdk, Driverloader for same, DWL-650 rev M1 - nothing on boot

Linuxant Support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Sun Jul 25 11:38:04 EDT 2004


the 'alias eth0 driverlader' line should be put in the '/etc/modules.conf' 
file instead of the 'ifcfg-eth0' file. Normally this line should be 
automatically added for you in the '/etc/modules.conf' file.

If you are using a CardBUS (32-bit PCMCIA) wireless adapter, please make sure 
that the 'pcmcia' service is started before the 'network' service on boot. 
You should also make sure that the partition holding the 
'/var/lib/driverloader' directory is mounted before the 'network' service is 

If the previous suggestions did not fix the problem, please try the following 
workaround. Please add the following lines at the end of your '/etc/rc.local' 
file :

modprobe driverloader
ifup eth0


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support at linuxant.com

Le 24 Juillet 2004 21:31, rf a écrit :
> Every time I boot pcmcia, lo come up ok, but eth0 fails, but
> driverloader is present in lsmod listing.  I have tried to put in alias
> eth0 driverloader in ifconig-eth0 script, but that just gets an error on
> boot - to the effect of no eth0 to alias driverloader or some such.
> After boot, I can go to config page, re-load the .inf .sys files (XP
> rtl8180 drivers) and the card comes up right away.
> What happens to the drivers I load after a re-boot?
> Thanks,
> Robert
> here's -dumdiag:

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