[driverloader] Oops with 1.76 and SUSE 9.1

Simen Gaure linuxant at gaure.no
Sat Jul 31 20:08:18 EDT 2004


I've had occasional system freezes (varying type, sometimes the machine
appears catatonic, at other times sound continues to play, but no
response with ctrl-alt-del or ctrl-alt-f1, no network etc.)

Today I managed to do a dmesg a split second before the freeze, it
contains an oops from driverloader.  It's available as an jpeg image at

What I'm wondering is whether the freezes can be traced to driverloader
or do I have other (hardware?) problems?

I'm using driverloader for a Belkin wlan card (Broadcom BCM94306
according to lspci).
Simen Gaure, Scientific Computing Group, USIT, University of Oslo

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