[driverloader] DriverLoader & Licenses & WG511 + DL for sale

Fred Welland f.welland at verizon.net
Thu Aug 5 12:33:23 EDT 2004


In general I am pleased with DriverLoader - except for the 'minor' detail in that there is no way xfer a licence from a MAC to another MAC.  Despite the obvious technical issue (which could probably be solved), the policy isn't very consumer friendly, IMHO.  

So I bought a DL licence on 7/13/2004 - this worked flawlessly on RH9 (stock kernel); Tecra 8100 and Netgear WG511.  But then, to my surprise got a new laptop (Dell Latitude D600) on 7/27/2004 with an Intel 2200BG integrated. 

Sure, I can use the WG511 in the D600, but would much rather use the integrated WLAN stuff and have no real use for 2 WLAN adapters.   And sure I could experiment with the SF Intel WLAN Linux drivers - but they require 2.6 kernel; and I am not moving off of 2.4 right now.

So it appears that I would have to fork over another 20 tacos for a 'new' DriverLoader licence for the new MAC License.

So would anybody be interested in purchasing a WG511 and DL licence as a 'package deal'?   I bought the WG511 sometime in late May or Early June.  I used it with linux for the full 30day and then bought the license.  I paid $59 at MicroCenter for the WG511 and $19.xx for the DL license.  I was thinking of getting around $40 for the WG511 and $15 for the licence.  I probably have the original box for the WG511 and all docs/disks.

And yes, I could eBay it - and still may.  But few people would value the DL license on eBay on only see value in the WG511.  So I offer it here to a more targeted market.

So if anybody is interested in the combo - lemme know and we can discuss.   f.welland at verizon dot net


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