[driverloader] time until 1.7*_k2.4.21_238 for suse

David T-G davidtg-driverloader at justpickone.org
Tue Aug 10 12:58:29 EDT 2004

Jonathan, et al --

...and then Linuxant support (Jonathan) said...
% Hi,


% we have made available a few minutes ago pre-compiled RPMs for the new 
% kernel of SuSE 9.0. You can download the new pre-compiled RPM of 

Ah.  That will do it :-)

% DriverLoader for this new kernel from the DriverLoader download page at
% http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/wlan/full/downloads.php

Done.  Ah!  v2.00 should be interesting.

% For the crash and other problems, please make sure that you are running 
% DriverLoader 1.77 and please send at support at linuxant.com a new 

Well, I'm running 1.72 for my 2.4.21-231 kernel, and I've been up a
blissful thirteen days :-)  If it does crash, it will up come under -238
and I'll need to load the new driverloader anyway.  What it still does is
lose its mind somehow and no longer see the interface; I have to

  sudo ifdown wlan0
  sudo rmmod driverloader
  suo modprobe driverloader
  sudo ifup wlan0

to get back on the net.  I haven't tracked the last time that happenned,
but it's been at least once in this 13 days.  Perhaps that will go away,

Ironically enough, this machine will soon go to my wife and I will get
the laptop, which means my driverloader time  is probably limited anyway.
Ah, well...

% 'dumpdiag' that you can generate with the 'dldrconfig --dumpdiag' 
% command in a root shell. If the 'dldrconfig --dumpdiag' command crashes 
% your computer, please try the 'dldrconfig --dumpdiag --noprobe' command 
% instead.

OK.  The last advice I had was to build my own kernel and driverloader,
which I just haven't had time to do (plus I don't want to have to stay on
that road for security patches).

% Regards,
% Jonathan
% Technical specialist / Linuxant

Thanks again & HAND

David T-G
davidtg at justpickone.org
http://justpickone.org/davidtg/      Shpx gur Pbzzhavpngvbaf Qrprapl Npg!

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