[driverloader] Having to reinstall driverloader after reboot

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since you are using Debian, please add the following lines in your 
'/etc/network/interfaces' file, just after the 'iface eth2 inet dhcp' line :

	wireless_essid <essid>
	wireless_key <key>

On Debian, you should not directly modify the '/etc/modules.conf' file 
as this file will be overwritten by the 'update-modules' command. You 
should instead modify the file '/etc/modutils/driverloader' and add the 
'alias eth2 driverloader' line there and then use the 'update-modules' 
command in a root shell to update the '/etc/modules.conf' file.


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Akshay Rao wrote:
> hi,
> i'm having the same problems as Lonnie Mask and am running debian (2.6.8-rc1).
> when the laptop boots, i've to run dldrconfig again to get the wireless
> to work.
> after running dldrconfig and keeping the default options for the
> prompts, i've to do the following:
> 1. modprobe driverloader
> 2. ifconfig eth0 down
> 3. ifconfig eth2 <ip> netmask
> 4. iwconfig eth2 essid <essid>
> 5. iwconfig eth2 key   <key>
> 6. dhclient eth2
> after this it gets the ip and works!!!:-)
> here's what i've done so far:
> I've the following entries in these files:
> 1. /etc/modules
>          driverloader
> 2. /etc/modules.conf
>          alias eth2 driverloader
> 3. /etc/network/interfaces
>          auto eth2
>          iface eth2 inet dhcp
> 4. /etc/network/ifstate
>         eth2=eth2
> 5. /etc/network/options
>         ip_forward=3Dno
>         spoofprotect=3Dyes
>         syncookies=3Dno
>  here are my questions:
> 1. what do i need to do to get the wireless to work at boot??
> 2. while booting up the laptop just sits waiting for a DHCPACK for eth0
>     (wired interface). how do i make it to jump to eth2 after the first try
>     if the cable is not connected??
> 3. when the laptop boots up the "driverloader" module is already loaded.
>     so there's something else that's causing the wireless to not work, what
>     could this be??
> any help in getting this to work will be greatly appreciated.
> thanks in advance.
>>I wonder if dldrconfig is really necessary or it's simpler, and you just
>>need to configure your startup scripts to load the module and bring up
>>the interface. 
>>IIRC the redhat systems have a command called redhat-network-config or
>>something like that; have you used it to set up the network interface?
>>On debian I had to use the network config tools to set up the interface,
>>and also modify the startup script to insure the driverloader module was
> On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 13:52, Lonnie Mask wrote:
>>I am trying out your driverloader on an emachines M5312, running Redhat 9.  
>>I can get it up and running, but every time I reboot I end up having to 
>>rerun dldrconfig and enter the default values for the questions in order to 
>>get it to work.  I am learning Linux (having been a Windows programmer for 
>>years now), and so while I can figure out enough to get the driverloader 
>>running again, I have no idea what needs to be set up in order to make this 
>>automatic.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Having to restart every 
>>time is the one thing keeping me from purchasing.
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