[driverloader] Having to reinstall driverloader after reboot

Akshay Rao akshayr at opb.msu.edu
Wed Aug 11 10:32:48 EDT 2004

well i tried this and it still doesn't recogonize eth2 at boot.
i am having to run dldrconfig after booting for it to recognize eth2. what 
could it be that i'm missing??
any help will be appreciated.

>since you are using Debian, please add the following lines in your 
>'/etc/network/interfaces' file, just after the 'iface eth2 inet dhcp' line :

>	wireless_essid <essid>
>	wireless_key <key>

>On Debian, you should not directly modify the '/etc/modules.conf' file 
>as this file will be overwritten by the 'update-modules' command. You 
>should instead modify the file '/etc/modutils/driverloader' and add the 
>'alias eth2 driverloader' line there and then use the 'update-modules' 
>command in a root shell to update the '/etc/modules.conf' file.


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