[driverloader] Intel 2200B/G Not powered up.

Matt Lyon themattlyon at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 14 01:27:54 EDT 2004

Hey all,

Laptop: IBM X40 OS-gentoo w/2.6.7-kernel Intel 2200B/G

I have the driverloader installed and have Wireless tools installed as well. 
Wireless Extensions is also active as I have /proc/net/wireless.

I have driven to a spot where under windows I have 3 open access points and 
have run "iwlist eth1 scan". The message I recieve is -- "eth1    Failed to 
read scan data : No data available"

I have googled around a bit and found that doing "ifconfig eth1 up" is 
needed to turn the device on because using the init script deosn't work as I 
have it set for dhcp. No matter what I have tried the wireless light still 
won't come on so I am assuming that it is not getting powered up.

Sorry for the bad grammer but it is late and my eyes are getting grainy ;)



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