[driverloader] speeding up boot on FC2

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Fri Aug 20 10:51:30 EDT 2004


if you use a pre-compiled RPM, then the module is already compiled and 
the compilation will not take place at boot. Since these packages do not 
have the source code included, compilation is impossible.

Are you sure that this is the DriverLoader service which take so much 
time to start? It could be another service which could wait for an event 
to complete, for example, a netwotk interface which is waiting for its 
IP information from a slow DHCP server.


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Jonathan Baron wrote:
> On 08/19/04 17:17, Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:
>>there are 2 operations that are done when the DriverLoader service is
>>started :
>>1) Recompile the DriverLoader module if needed
>>2) Start the Web Configurator
>>The step to recompile the kernel module is only done in the case you
>>have insalled a generic package. If you already have the kernel module
>>compiled, then the compilation will not take place. It is normal that if
>>you boot in a kernel in which you do not have the DriverLoader module
>>compiled, it might take up to a few minutes to compile the module.
> I did not use the generic package.  The rpm does seem to work
> (although it give various error messages each time I re-install).
> How do I tell if I have the kernel module compiled?  (A "few
> minutes" might be the 60 sec I referred to.  This is a very fast
> computer.)  And, if it isn't compiled, how do I force it?
> (Installing the RPM with the -U switch is what I usually do.)
> Jon
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