[driverloader] Network only partially working

Steve Varadi svaradi at freemail.hu
Fri Aug 20 10:27:08 EDT 2004

Since I am using wireless connection experienced network failed (partially for 
some aplication) till I restart network again.
Details: After booting every application can use network via wireless, but for 
a while (maybe 5 minutes) only those application can use network wich is 
using before i.e. KMail download my mails every 3 minutes, but sending via 
KMail not possible because no connection according the error message. This is 
happen with Konqueror, Opera also.
Only remedies:
rcnetwork restart
This solve network problem for temporarly, because later on it is lost again 
Never ever happen this with eth0 (wired ethernet) nor under windowsXP.

Anobody experience the same problem?
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