[driverloader] Dlink DWL-G520 on Mandrake 10: help :)

Simon D h3ihatchi at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 22 11:55:40 EDT 2004

Hi - I think I'm nearly there with wireless working
but am stumped as to why I can't ping my access point.

module appears to be installed successfully. No error
messages at any point. I can connect to the web
interface of linuxant through the browser, all appears
fine with windows drivers. eth1 configured as static My access point is

"iwlist scan" shows up some config for my wireless
card eth1. Should I see a separate entry for the
access point? "ifconfig" shows that eth1 is configured
but doesn't appear to be passing any packets. Pinging
anything from the host gets destination unreachable.
The card/machine boots and functions in windows no

Sorry for not posting detailed output of these
commands as I'm doing this in doze. Any help would be
appreciated to get my linux box breathing again. TIA

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