[driverloader] driverloader device eth1 doesn't seem to be present

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Thu Aug 26 10:54:48 EDT 2004


in DriverLoader 2.05, we have changed the start order of the 
DriverLoader service and it is possible that after a reboot, your 
wireless interface changed name because of this. We are aware of this 
problem and we are currently working on it.

In the meantime, you can force DriverLoader to choose a specific 
wireless interface with the 'dldrconfig --netdevname' command in a root 

For example, if you want that DriverLoader always uses the 'eth1' 
interface, then run the following command in a root shell :

dldrconfig --netdevname=eth1


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Christian Dysthe wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Aug 2004, Sean R. Kirkpatrick wrote:
>>This is puzzling.
>>When I first installed driverloader 1.67-1, the linksys wpa11 card
>>worked just fine. However, a recent FC2 kernel change prompted me to
>>upgrade to 2.04 and just the other day to 2.05. Now when I try to
>>bring up the interface, I receive the following
>>>/sbin/ifup eth1
>>interface 'eth1' not found interface 'eth1' not found interface
>>'eth1' not found driverloader device eth1 does not seem to be
>>present, delaying initialization.
>>If I subsequently run dldrconfig, it detects pre-built modules and
>>installs them, and ifup brings up the interface just fine. Rebooting
>>results in the same problem.
>>I checked syslog and see only
>>driverloader: module license 'see LICENSE file; Copyright
>>(c)2003-2004 Linuxant inc.' taints kernel.  driverloader:
>>stack=4096/76/0 REGPARM X86_SWITCH_PAGETABLES usbcore: registered
>>new driver driverloader
>>which shows no obvious error.
>>Has anyone else seen this problem?
> Yes. I am running Mandrake 10.1 Beta 2.(kernel 2.6.8).  Driveloader
> 2.04 has been working fine. However, yesterday I "lost" eth1 and my
> wireless connection.. I reinstalled driverloader, but now I get my
> wireless connection on eth2 no matter what I do.  Not that it really
> matters, but still.......
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