[driverloader] can't connect to access point

LEWIS KIMBLE lfkimble1 at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 1 01:06:37 EDT 2004

suse 9.1 kernel 2.6.5-7.104 default
netgear wg121 all looks good all green lites
see 3 access point with 90 signal
when browser comes up it can not resolve dns
card is shown in yast as wlan0 i changed to wlan1 have a wg 511
pcmia card it comes up as ath0 and works great
in yast this card comes up with mac address wlan-id-mac address
wg121 comes up in yast as wlan1 no mac address
both cards are set with dhcp
is this a name server problem?
dhcp puts in etc/resolv.conf a name server and location in pcmia card
dhcp leaves  etc/resolv.conf empty in wg121 card any ideas lew

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