[driverloader] toshiba A25 /fedora core 2 / atheros -- error -5

Chuck Paterson cp at twistedbit.com
Wed Sep 1 11:03:15 EDT 2004

It is certainly possible that I'm running the wrong windows driver, though
this driver did manage to find the mac address so I could get a license.

driverloader: stack=4096/76/0 REGPARM X86_SWITCH_PAGETABLES
usbcore: registered new driver driverloader
driverloader: probe of 0000:00:10.0 failed with error -5

I have tried all the driver files for this laptop on the toshiba site. All
of the others, which I don't think should support this card, fail
without the above kernel error.

One thing that makes me nervous is this driver supports g cards. The card
I have isn't a g card. This leads me to believe the driver that probably
shipped with this laptop isn't on the toshiba site any longer. The readme
with the driver says it should support the older drivers.

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