[driverloader] dldrconfig --enable-workaround=stack works witn BCM94306 (so far)

Jonathan Baron baron at psych.upenn.edu
Thu Sep 2 16:56:11 EDT 2004

On 09/02/04 14:39, Christian Dysthe wrote:
>On Sat, 28 Aug 2004, Jonathan Baron wrote:
>> And "so far" is about 30 min. of intense use of the internet.
>> Before I started using the special kernels (8k stacks, then 16k),
>> it used to crash in less than a minute.  I'm using the
>> 2.6.8-1.521 kernel and the driverloader version made for it.
>> Looks like I don't need the special kernels anymore.  Fingers
>> crossed.
>> For readers who don't know what this is about, see:
>> http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/wlan/limitations.php
>Interesting. I see that the workaround is enabled on my laptop running
>Mandrake 10.1 Beta 2 with the kernel. However, I would like to
>know how to check if the installed kernel has been built with 16k
>stack size. Do you have to look in the kernel sources somewhere, or
>are there other ways to find out?

I do not have the kernel sources installed, and the kernel I'm
using was not BUILT with any changes.  It is 2.6.8-1.521.  It
isn't the one from Linuxant.  (They don't have one for this
kernel version.  Maybe they're waiting to see whether this
workaround works for everyone.)  I don't know what the workaround
does or how to find out.  My hunch is that it does somehow change
the stack size, but not by changing the kernel source and

So I don't know how to find out.


Jonathan Baron, Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
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