[driverloader] problems getting wlan in my Thinkpad T42p running (AR5212 chip)

Joern Heissler joern at heissler.de
Tue Sep 14 18:24:35 EDT 2004

I'm trying to get my AR5212 chip in my Thinkpad T42p working.

I tried three different ways:
- madwifi driver: works, but has packet loss ~ 50%
- ndiswrapper: sometimes `iwlist scan' finds my ap, but that not
  everytime. I can't connect to my wlan at all.
- driverloader: sometimes works for some seconds (last evening some
  minutes). The connection was much better than with madwifi.

With driverloader I get this kernel message:
NETDEV WATCHDOCH: eth1: transmit timed out

see also:

Hope you can help me, tia!

Joern Heissler

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