[driverloader] problems getting wlan in my Thinkpad T42p running (AR5212 chip)

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Wed Sep 15 11:06:13 EDT 2004


the problem is most likely because the DHCP client does not update the 
default IP route and/or the DNS configuration file.

Under SuSE, you can fix this problem by adding the following lines in 
your '/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-wlan0' file :


With this modification, you should be able to use both your ethernet and 
your wireless interface at the same time.


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daltrey wrote:
> I just blunder around doing things by trial and error.  I am using the 
> driverloader with a broadcom lan card, SuSE Linux with the latest build. 
> (The .104 build would not work for me.)
> Here are my thoughts, since this is what I discovered on my computer. My 
> ethernet card is "eth0."  My wireless card is "wlan0".
> My wireless card will not work when the ethernet card is active.
> My wireless card will not pick up adequate DHCP info at boot.
> My solution is the following:  I wrote a script and put a link on my 
> desktop.  I run it in a "superuser" terminal.  It has the following 
> commands.
> ifdown eth0
> ifdown wlan0
> ifup wlan0
> Sometimes I have to run it twice.  My broadcom card is now working very 
> well, and will continue running even when I log in and out, provided I 
> don't shutdown linux.
> The script "turns off" the ethernet card, turns off the wireless card 
> and then turns the wireless card back on. "ifup wlan0" causes a DHCP 
> request for the wireless and from that point it works.
> Hope this information will help someone.
> Barrington
> Joern Heissler wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to get my AR5212 chip in my Thinkpad T42p working.
>> I tried three different ways:
>> - madwifi driver: works, but has packet loss ~ 50%
>> - ndiswrapper: sometimes `iwlist scan' finds my ap, but that not
>>   everytime. I can't connect to my wlan at all.
>> - driverloader: sometimes works for some seconds (last evening some
>>   minutes). The connection was much better than with madwifi.
>> With driverloader I get this kernel message:
>> NETDEV WATCHDOCH: eth1: transmit timed out
>> see also:
>> http://wulf.eu.org/stuff/driverloaderdiag.txt
>> Hope you can help me, tia!
>> Joern Heissler
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