[driverloader] acpi problems on thinkpad t23

Michael Perry meperry at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 18:32:27 EDT 2004

I purchased a second license for my thinkpad t23 laptop to use with a
wpc54g card just today.  This laptop had problems suspending until I
applied the most recent acpi sources from acpi.sf.net.  Now it
suspends correctly unless I have the wpc54g card alive.  I get a few
strange messages in dmesg like:

Restarting tasks...<6> Strange, kdldrd/normwrk not stopped
 Strange, kdldrd/critwrk not stopped
 Strange, kdldrd/hyperwrk not stopped
 Strange, kdldrd/dpc not stopped
 Strange, kdldrd/wrk not stopped

I can suspend with a orinoco gold card with no problems and the wired
ethernet works fine.  Any other things to check besides just rmmoding
the driver before suspending?

Michael Perry
meperry at gmail.com

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