[driverloader] If commands not working using the rc.local workaround

rf frosterrj at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 19 17:42:47 EDT 2004

After I boot, card comes up but if I try to ifdown, I get:

[root at localhost robert]# iwconfig
lo        no wireless extensions.

eth0      IEEE 802.11-DS  ESSID:"mynamehere"  Nickname:"localhost"
          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.437GHz  Access Point:
          Bit Rate=11Mb/s   Tx-Power=20 dBm
          RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off
          Encryption key:off
          Power Management:off
          Link Quality:100/100  Signal level:-62 dBm  Noise level:-154
          Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:0
          Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:0

sit0      no wireless extensions.

[root at localhost robert]# ifdown eth0
RTNETLINK answers: No such device or address
RTNETLINK answers: No such device or address

so the card is still up after the ifdown command (all lights going as
usual), and if I just pull the card out, ifup doesnt work to get it

Not sure what commands/package I need to use to manage the card.


On Sun, 2004-09-19 at 06:50, Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:
> Hi,
> even if you have used the workaround, you should still be able to bring 
> down your wireless interface with the 'ifdown eth0' command in a root shell.
> What do you mean that the kernel doesn't see the card? Can you see your 
> wireless card in the output of the 'iwconfig' command in a root shell 
> while the DriverLoader module is in the kernel?
> Regards,
> Jonathan
> Technical specialist / Linuxant
> www.linuxant.com
> support at linuxant.com
> rf wrote:
> > I have been using driverloader on MDK 10, newest kernel, but I tried to
> > ifdown the card recently but it seems the kernel doesnt know its there
> > since Jonathan made the suggestion to put this at the end of the
> > rc.local file:
> > 
> > 
> >>Please add the following lines at the end of your '/etc/rc.local' 
> >>file :
> >>---
> >>dldrstop
> >>modprobe driverloader
> >>ifup eth0
> >>---
> > 
> > 
> > to get it up at boot time.  So how do I bring the card down when I
> > want?  I popped it out and then back in again, but ifup doesnt work,
> > again because kernel doesnt see the card.
> > 
> > How do I get control of my card again when it is loaded with the
> > rc.local workaround?
> > 
> > Robert
> > 
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