[driverloader] Help getting Netgear WG311v2 to work with driverloader

Chris Doherty c_doherty at hotpop.com
Sat Sep 25 01:43:10 EDT 2004

I'm running SuSE 9.1 Pro, vanilla install, 2.6.4-52-default kernel, I've  
just installed driverloader 2.06.  In preparation for installing  
driverloader I removed ndiswrapper (comes with SuSE) and the acx100_pci  
kernel module (loads on every boot as a result of coldplug pci scan).  I  
removed them completely, including deleting the .ko files.

Installing driverloader went without a hitch. wlan0 appears under iwconfig  
and ifconfig.  iwlist wlan0 scan shows my AP properly.  I simply can't get  
dhcp to configure the card.  I'm relatively new to linux, and specifically  
new to SuSE, and I'm not sure if the problem has something to do with  
driverloader, or SuSe, or what.  I was able to configure wlan0 with YaST2,  
but there's very little in there.

I'm mailing from my Win2K partition, which handles the card without a  
hitch.  I can't give you any specific information about the SUSE config  
right now, because I can't get network access to work on it :-(.  If  
anyone can tell me what sorts of tests I need to do, or what information  
you might need to help me with this, I will run them on the SUSE partition  
and post back here.

All dmesg returns is "No IPv6 routers in range" (roughly) in the system  
log.  On boot dhcpcd fails to get an IP address, and the card will then  
not configure because wlan0 is a mandatory interface.

There is an integrated NIC in the box (a Dell OptiPlex GX150) which I am  
not using but is detected as eth0.  I have tried taking both eth0 and lo  
down with ifconfig <interface> down; I saw some posts in various fora  
saying that they had to do this to get things like ndiswrapper to work (no  
luck though).

Oh, and a piece of info that might help some of you:  In Canada, the  
Netgear WG311v2's (acx111 chipset) are sold in the same boxes as the  
WG311v1 (Linux-supported chipset).  It is not possible to tell them apart  
 from inspection of the box, which is why I'm in this mess.

Chris Doherty - c_doherty at hotpop dot com
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