[driverloader] startup problem with pre-compiled driver for FC1 2199

Rick Marsico rick at cc.ysu.edu
Mon Sep 27 18:02:20 EDT 2004


I issued the following command "dldrconfig --netdevname=eth2"

I received a response stating that there was no such interface.

I then issued dldrconfig --remove followed by dldrconfig --auto.

Reissuing the -netdevname=eth2 then worked.  However, on reboot I receive
the same message... "Device eth2 has different MAC address"

I've successfully upgraded through four kernels up to this point.  I have an
eth0 (internal wired), eth1 (docking station wired), and eth2 (wireless
pcmcia).  I've tried installing driverloader both docked and undocked with
the same result.


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it is possible that there is confusion on boot which network interface 
DriverLoader will use for your wireless card. To fix this problem, 
please run the following command in a root shell :

dldrconfig --netdevname=$iface

In the previous command, you should replace '$iface' with the name of 
the wireless interface that DriverLoader should use all the time. For 
example, eth1, eth2, etc... instead of eth%d.


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Rick Marsico wrote:
> When driverloader loads on boot I receive a message "Device eth2 has
> different MAC address".
> If I follow up, after logging in, with "dldrconfig -remove" and
> -auto" everything appears to work as expected.
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Rick
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