[driverloader] WMP54G help - error on activating the device

Sangeeta Joglekar sjoglekar at vivotech.com
Tue Oct 5 20:12:15 EDT 2004

I am trying to load the driver from linuxant for my WMP54G PCI card. I
got to the point where the driver is loaded and the driver detects the
device. The device is shown when I do 'system settings -> network' on my
xwindow screen. The device is shown 'inactive'. When I try to activate
the device, it gives me the following error - 
Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) :
    SET failed on device eth2 ; Invalid argument.
Determining IP information for eth2...iptables: No
chain/target/match by that name
iptables: Bad rule (does a matching rule exist in that
I don't have a clue what to do next. I am a very new to the Linux world
- Could you help me in any way?
There is an urgent need to get this device working. Please HELP!!
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