[driverloader] Unresolved symbol: wireless-send-event loading driverloader module

SMITH Linton Linton.SMITH at Tenix.com
Thu Oct 21 12:12:48 EDT 2004

Unresolved symbol occurs when loading driverloader.

Distribution: Slackware 9.1
Kernel: 2.4.25 built from generic sources loaded from kernel.org. Low-latency patches and user real-time capability enhanced (libcap).
Driverloader: built from generic sources loaded from linuxant.com
WLAN card: Belkin F5D7010 (Broadcom).

steps taken:
1. cd /usr/src/linux
2. make xconfig
	Network Options -> Wireless LAN = y
                                         Hermes Chipset = m
                                         Hermes PCMCIA card support = m
                                         Cisco/Aironet PCMCIA cards = m
	Network Device Support -> Wireless LAN (non-hamradio) = y
                                                    Wireless LAN -> Hermes chipset 802.11b support = y
                                                    Hermes PCMCIA cards support = m
                                                    Cisco/Aironet PCMCIA cards = m 
                                                   PCMCIA network device support -> PCMCIA Wireless support = y

Note: these options have been selected based on Howto reading, plain guesses etc. Hermes and Aironet included to try and get the symbol resolved by providing a user module (no joy).

3. Unpack and build driverloader:
	make install
		unresolved symbol reported.

4. ksyms -a | grep wireless
	c01ef7e0 wireless_send_event_R__ver_wireless_send_event
	c01efcb0 wireless_spy_update_R__ver_wireless_spy_update
Clearly the kernel has something but the module loader cannot resolve it as the required symbol. Probably expects something like wireless_send_event_R47e4f658.

Attempted solutions:
1. ran dldrconfig --kernel after kernel rebuild.  Rebuilds the module but has the same problem.
2. removed all specific wireless modules from kernel build. no change.
3. rebuilt driverconfig by performing make clean; make install etc. no change.

Can anyone suggest something?


Linton D B Smith
Principal Engineer
DMS Subject Matter Expert
AP-3C Support Project
RAAF Base Edinburgh

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