[driverloader] wpa_supplicant STILL requires ssid broadcast for WPA?

mmmgrrrl mmmgrrrl at pacbell.net
Sun Oct 24 10:30:53 EDT 2004

Back in January 2004 (previous thread in this list), I discovered that broadcast of the ssid was required for wpa_supplicant
support of WPA
with the Linuxant driverloader.

Does wpa_supplicant support WPA without ssid broadcast yet? I'm running RH9 2.4.20-31.9,
and have tried both the wpa_supplicant-0.2.3.tar.gz downloaded from Linuxant and the stable 0.2.5 downloaded from hostap.
Linksys WRT54G and WMP54G .

I am only able to successfully connect with the ssid broadcast.  Attempts with no ssid broadcast and various combinations of
scan_ssid=0 or 1
and ap_scan= 0 or 1 have not resulted in a successfull connection without ssid broadcast.

I did find a fairly recent thread @ http://lists.shmoo.com/pipermail/hostap/2004-August/007769.html that seems to suggest that
ssid broadcast
is still required...

Thanks for your help

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