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Kev316 kevstonecold316 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 3 22:42:49 EST 2004

Hi, I am a total newbie to Linux, and have just installed RedHat 9, as linux seems more desirable, and i got it really cheap(retail boxed), at work. I have the belkin f5d7050 usb adaptor on a 54g wireless network. But can i get it to work, by christ no!!!!! I'm havin to go back to windows everytime i need the net, which is ALWAYS!!! So if anyone is nice enough, would you be able to put in absolute laymans terms a step by step guide to installing this bastard usb device, and get me on the net, so i can goodbye to windows once and for all and join you guys in your quest to knocking mr gates out of the top spot. My knowledge with linux does not even extend to mounting my second hard drive(im telling you its impossible!), so would probably have to be a command by command step by step guide, if u know wot i mean. So it would be amazing if someone could help! Thanks very much in advance to you geniuses of the computer world! Kev 3:16
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