[driverloader] Driverloader module not functioning until reloaded

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this is normal that the DriverLoader service is executed after the 
'network' service, at this point, it will load the DriverLoader module 
if it was not done by the 'network' service.

Since the DWL-610 is a CardBus (32-bit PCMCIA) wireless device, it is 
quite possible that the problem is the starting order of the PCMCIA 
service instead of the DriverLoader service.

First, please rename '/etc/rc5.d/S11driverloader' to 
'/etc/rc5.d/S10driverloader' and the follow these instructions to change 
the starting order of the PCMCIA service. This is the expected way of 
doing things on Mandrakelinux as changing symbolic links in the 
'/etc/rc*.d' directories is not recommended.

Please take a look at both the '/etc/init.d/network' and the 
'/etc/init.d/pcmcia' files. In each file, you should see a line like this :

# chkconfig <run level number> <start prio number> <kill prio number>

Then, please edit the '/etc/init.d/pcmcia' file and change the <start 
prio number> to the <start prio number> found in the 
'/etc/init.d/network' file minus one. You will also have to change the 
<kill prio number> which can be calculated with this simple formula :

<kill prio number> = 100 - <start prio number>

After the modifications have been made to the '/etc/init.d/pcmcia' file, 
please run the following command in a root shell :

chkconfig pcmcia reset


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Steven Sumpter wrote:
> I have two problems with driverloader running on Mandrake 10.1 community 
> and a D-Link DWL-610.
> The first problem was that the driverloader module was being loaded just 
> after mandrake attempted to start the eth1 interface.  I solved this by 
> changing the name of /etc/rc5.d/S11driverloader to S10driverloader.
> The second problem is harder to solve.  When loaded into memory on boot, 
> the driverloader module does not function at all.  I have checked that 
> the module is in memory with lsmod, but no lights on the network card 
> come on.
> If I remove the driver and reload it with rmmod and modprobe, it starts 
> to function immediately.
> Why doesn't it work when it is loaded at boot time, and how can I make 
> it work?
> Steve.
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