[driverloader] Great it works, How do I set it start 'Automatically' when eth0 is unplugged.

MIchael Barton mj-barton at comcast.net
Sun Nov 14 10:00:28 EST 2004

wlan0 would connect just fine when eth0 was connected with a cat-5 cable.
I want to only use wlan0 and not eth0 but if I unplug the cable to eth0 and 
reboot wlan0 does not even get started.  What do you suggest?  I would like 
to have wlan0 start automatically on startup withOUT eth0.

Card: WMP54G
Distro: Suse 9.1 Personal
Router: WRT54GS
ESSID: linksys
Channel: 6
Freqency: 2.347Ghz

I want to rely on my wlan. Not eth0, this will remain unplugged.  On the 
bootup the kernel loads driverloader just fine.
I have a 30day trial licesnse. 

I think I am missing something in the config file.  Remove eth0 from bootup 

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