[driverloader] Driverloader works well but.....

John Pedersen charles.pedersen at sri.com
Sun Nov 14 10:03:32 EST 2004

Hi folks,

I'm running fedora core 2, the 521 build on an ibm thinkpad 40p with the 
Dual-band Wi-Fi Wireless Mini PCI Adaptor (Atheros chipset).

Having read the cautions on the stack issue, I downloaded and installed 
the entire 16k stack kernel as well as the driverloader rpm.

I retrieved the latest update for the windows drivers from ibm and 
installed those inf and sys files (I'd be happy to archive those up for 
anyone who needs them, they update a number of thinkpad models.)

So everything at the driverloader end works fine.... but I'm getting 
some real flakiness at boot up that I can only attribute to the new 
kernel.  Specifically, the windows manager (generally gnome) will hang 
trying to initiate services.  The fedora 2 splash will come up but the 
graphical bar associated with service start up doesn't appear and the 
system stays in that state.  This behavior is inconsistent and generally 
doing ctrl-alt-backspace and restarting the x server will usually solve 
the problem.  Less often, the system will hang on shutdown. 

I'd like to roll back to the plain 521 build but I think that I 
installed the modified kernel with -Uvh which removes older versions - 
not the smartest move on my part.  So before I go through the effort of 
reinstalling 521 plain, do you know if the Atheros chip set drivers 
require a 16K stack??


John Pedersen
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