[driverloader] Driverloader works well but.....

Jonathan Baron baron at psych.upenn.edu
Sun Nov 14 13:20:19 EST 2004

On 11/14/04 10:03, John Pedersen wrote:
>Hi folks,
>So everything at the driverloader end works fine.... but I'm getting
>some real flakiness at boot up that I can only attribute to the new
>kernel.  Specifically, the windows manager (generally gnome) will hang
>trying to initiate services.  The fedora 2 splash will come up but the
>graphical bar associated with service start up doesn't appear and the

I am assuming you mean the Gnome panel, but I'm not sure.

>system stays in that state.  This behavior is inconsistent and generally
>doing ctrl-alt-backspace and restarting the x server will usually solve
>the problem.  Less often, the system will hang on shutdown.

I was having problems like this with FC2 on a desktop computer
that did not have wireless at all.  I fixed it by updating Gnome
to the development version.  Then I updated to FC3 and everything
got better still.  _Much_ better on my laptop, which also had
slow booting problems possibly associated with Driverloader.

The upgrade to FC3 was the smoothest I've ever done (on 3
computers so far - the 4th runs mailman, which will require
re-configuration, so I'm waiting until I have some time).
Everything just worked.  And it worked better and faster - e.g.,
Gnome cut and paste finally does what it should do.  I had to
re-size my terminal windows, but that was all.  I recommend an

I have not been using the Linuxant kernels for a while since I've
found that the "workaround=stack" thing seems to prevent crashes,
but I have a different wireless from yours.

I doubt the problem is in the kernel.  By the time Xorg starts
up, the kernel is pretty much finished its part of the boot

Jonathan Baron, Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
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