[driverloader] slow operation of 3-com 3crwe254g72

Darin Nelson darin at opt-imaging.com
Mon Dec 6 22:27:14 EST 2004

	I've just installed DriverLoader 2.10 under a 2.6.9 kernel to support a 
3-com 3crwe254g72 USB wireless interface. The wrapped driver is 3Com's 
latest -- The installation went smoothly, the device works (and 
thanks & a license fee are due to Linuxant for the great product), but 
the link is rather slow.

	iwconfig says:
	54 Mb/s
	Link Quality=94/94  Signal level=-31 dBm  Noise level=-154 dBm

	However, no transfer seems to get above about 5Mb/sec under Linux.
	Booting into WinXP, I can get 15-20 Mb/sec using the same hardware and 
3Com driver.

	Perhaps related to the slowdown is that a significant number of Invalid 
misc errors are logged -- a few hundred a second during a large file 
transfer, for example. None of the documentation I can find tells me 
what specific problem this might point to.

	I've tried prodding a few of the iwconfig parameters, but nothing seems 
to have any effect--either to slow or speed things up. Even the rate 
parameter appears to be ignored; I get "54 Mb/s" no matter what I try to 
set it to.

	Any advice?




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