[driverloader] ACPI and driverloader

Stefan gentoopower at yahoo.de
Tue Dec 7 01:32:30 EST 2004

Rob Ferber wrote:

> Just a reality check, I'm running the 2.6.6-1.435.2.3.16kstacks  
> kernel tree supplied from Linuxant, and regardless of what .config 
> options I select, there is no kernel support for ACPI or APM reported 
> by the kernel whenever I attempt to invoke either. Has this been 
> disabled or stripped from the kernel to allow Driverloader to function 
> properly? Thanks,

Is there anything related to ACPI APM in kernel log?
Check with command dmesg after you booted your machine, the nerwer 2.6 
kernels check for faulty bios versions and disbale acpi, if this is the 
case you could enable it with acpi=force as an option to the bootloader 

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