[driverloader] Kerrnel hangs occasionally at boot time.

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Tue Dec 14 10:36:57 EST 2004


this is a known problem that on some machines when booting on battery 
and we are currently working on this problem.


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Jonathan Baron wrote:
> I had a similar problem on a similar computer, the Dell 9100.
> See http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~baron/delli.html.
> But it never hung indefinitely.  If I waited about 60 seconds,
> sometimes even more, it would finish booting.  (There was in fact
> no disk activity.)
> I think I made some progress with it by changing the boot
> sequence (in particular where "network" happens).  But the really
> big solution came when I installed Fedora Core 3.  (The archives
> of this list contain several messages about how to do that.)
> Things still are not ideal.  Sometimes it hangs in one place or
> another for about 15 sec.  I'm not sure that watching the bootup
> is all that informative about where the hang is, because some of
> these processes run in the background.  I'd love to get the boot
> sequence faster, since acpi suspend still does not work on this
> computer, so sometimes I have to shut it down to save power.
> On 12/13/04 21:38, Jeramy Ashlock wrote:
>  Driverloader 2.06 on Fedora core 2 with custom compiled kernel 2.6.9
>  (and previous versions, with and without 4k stacks)  will occasionally
>  hang the system at boot time (Dell Inspiron 8600).
>   When the "bringing up loopback interface" boot message suceeds, and the
>  "starting driverloader" boot message is about to be displayed, the
>  system hangs with zero disk activity indefinitely.  Uninstalling
>  driverloader returns the system to normal boot behavior.   Usually
>  booting into windows then back into Linux will somehow get around the
>  boot problem.
>  It usually happens when booting on battery power after using AC, but not
>  every time.
>  95% of the time, I have the modem shut off via Fn-F2 as I use the
>  ethernet connection.
>  This has been going on for more than 8 months.  Any help would be
>  greatly appreciated.  thanks.
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