[driverloader] How to use DriverLoader ?

Stefan Patric tootek2 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 26 14:09:15 EST 2004

--- Mathieu Cattafesta <mathieu at cattafesta.com> wrote:

> I am a new Linux user and I have just installed
> Mandrake 10.1 on my
> notebook, a Dell Inspiron 8600 with Dell Truemobile
> 1300 as Wireless card.

If you're really a linux newbie, I suggest you
purchase RUNNING LINUX, 4th edition by O'Reilly Press.
 Great reference!

> Everything is ok except the wifi with WPA. Searching
> on the net, I have
> found your product and I have downloaded the trial.
> I installed it and I
> configure it. It was OK. However, the connexion
> doesn't work. The interface
> does not seem to be recognized.

Driverloader doesn't support WPA directly.  You'll
need to download wpa_supplicant, compile and configure
it.  Version 0.2.3 is available on the Linuxant web
site, but the latest version is 0.2.5.  The master
wpa_supplicant webpage is 

> Could you tell me how to configure the wifi
> connexion using your product.
> Also, how do we install the WPA components ?

Have you tried connecting with WPA turned off on your
wireless router?  I've NEVER been able to connect on a
new install of driverloader without encryption turned
off the first time.  (You'll also have to set "SSID
Broadcast" to ON on your router.  wpa_supplicant
doesn't seem to work without this being on.) Then,
while connected, I turn on WPA, run wpa_supplicant
with the proper configure file.  Most of the time
wpa_supplicant authenticates, and you're on your way. 
But sometimes, it doesn't authenticate and/or doesn't
pass the IP and gateway addresses to the wireless
card.  In such cases, I've found running
wpa_supplicant in the "wait" and "background" mode
(-Bw) as part of the boot sequence before ANY network
stuff is started usually works.

> Finally, in the cas it is not ok, how is it possible
> to uninstall
> DriverLoader ?

Yes.  If you used the rpm package, then rpm -e
[packagename] in a terminal window should do it or the
Mandrake package manager should work, too.

In a terminal window type -- man rpm -- for the
details on using rpm.

If, however, you used the tar.gz file....  Read the
docs in the archive.  I don't remember, if there is an
uninstall script, but I think there is.  Just run it
and driverloader will be gone.

Stefan Patrick

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