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please configure your WEP key with the network configuration tool of 
your Linux distribution.

Alternatively, since Ubuntu is based on Debian, you could add the 
following line for the right network device in your 
'/etc/network/interfaces' file :

	wireless_key s:myasciiwepkey


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Jelle Vanhove wrote:
> Hey peepz,
> i have driverloader installed and working :D That's not the problem ....
> The problem is , when i startup Ubuntu , i allways have to set my WEP 
> key via 'iwconfig eth1 enc s:myasciiwepkey and then activate my card via 
> network-admin (program in ubuntu for network interfaces)
> Ubuntu uses Gnome as x interface ...
> Now , my qeustion was , is there any other way , so i don't allways have 
> to do this when i boot ?
> And another thing ,when i shut down my system , it reports something 
> like "kernel panic ..."
> I couldn't figure out why it does that ...
> greetz
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