[driverloader] Bad Link quality with bcm43xx on HP ZD7000 serie

Gentoopower gentoopower at yahoo.de
Sun Jan 9 10:51:54 EST 2005

Pascal wrote:

>>--- Pascal <pascal.meteye at free.fr> wrote:
>>>I've installer driverloader this day for evaluate
>>>It work very well but I have allways a bad Link
>>>I' m very near of my AP.
>>>Under Windows XP all is allwright with very best
>>>link quality.
>>>what can I do to solve this problem ?
>>I had a similar problem.
>>A wireless techie at the Linux user group I frequent
>>said that having the router too close to the computer
>>can affect link quality in a bad way.  It has
>>something to do with the "shape" of the transmitted EM
>>wave and how it is received.  He recommends having the
>>router at least 2 or 3 meters away from any network
>>I don't know if it will help you, but it helped me.
>Thank's for your response but near or far (1m to 10m) the result is the same.
>Bad link Quality.
>Speed mesured with a file transfer is aproximatively 1,5Mo/Sec.

1,5MB/s is a good value for a 54Mbps link if you transfer from one pc to 
the other via AP.
You said you also tested with Windows XP which shows a higher link 
quality, is the transfer also better using XP?
I doubt it.

>For my Internet access it's good but for PC to PC it's a little bit short.
>I've try with official and non official HP driver (broadcom), the result is 
>always the same.
>Perhaps in the futur a new driverloader or windows broadcom driver will solve 
>this problem
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