[driverloader] Realtek RTL8180 intermittent Tx/Rx problems

Toby Breckon toby.breckon at ed.ac.uk
Mon Jan 10 13:53:41 EST 2005

Having problems getting this card to work under SuSE 9.2. Basically getting
messages like this repeated in system logs:

NETDEV WATCHDOG: wlan0: transmit timed out
driverloader: ndisWrapCheckForHangTimerFunc_stk: PCI-0000:01:0b.0-10EC:8180-10EC:8180 hung

tcpdump relveals packets are being Tx/Rx intermittently. Card has sucessfully
associated to access point with correct MAC/essid but recieves no DHCP info due
to these Rx/Tx problems.

dldrconfig -d or dldrconfig -d -N also hangs the terminal indefinitely.

uname -a:
Linux myhostname 2.6.8-24-default #1 Wed Oct 6 09:16:23 UTC 2004 i686 i686 i386

relevent dmesg output:

driverloader: stack=8192/60/1 REGPARM
driverloader: rtl8180.sys: 0xd0cab000..0xd0cd8400 entry = d0cacce6 (pbase = 0x10000)
PCI: Found IRQ 9 for device 0000:01:0b.0
PCI: Sharing IRQ 9 with 0000:00:1f.2
wlan0: WPA, AES, TKIP, WEP128, WEP64 supported
wlan0: Realtek RTL8180 Wireless LAN (Mini-)PCI NIC at 0000:01:0b.0 (MAC address 00:50:FC:F1:B6:23) ready
wlan0: New link status: Disconnected (0002)
NET: Registered protocol family 17
wlan0: New link status: Connected (0001)
wlan0: no IPv6 routers present
driverloader: ndisWrapCheckForHangTimerFunc_stk: PCI-0000:01:0b.0-10EC:8180-10EC:8180 hung
.... as per above repeated at regular intervals.

Tryed with or without ACPI activated in the kernel at boot time. Would turning
it off in the BIOS help?

This card has been tested to work OK prior to use in this system.

Any help most appreciated,


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