[driverloader] Fedora 3 not recognizing driveloader

Stefan Patric tootek2 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 18:30:15 EST 2005

--- sue martin <nincra24 at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> After I have loaded the driverloader driver I
> receive
> the following message when trying to activate eth1. 
> Error for wireless request "Set Mode (8B06): SET
> failed on device eht1; Invalid argument
> Determining IP information for eth1... failed.
> I am using a usr5416 and I am running Fedora core 3.
> The actual driveloader web software seems to
> recognize
> everything, including the MAC address.
> I will be using WEP 128 - shared encryption once the
> card is activated.  Although right now I just want
> the
> card to recognized.
> any help would be great.

I'm using Fedore Core 3, too.  Did you set your
wireless router to broadcast its SSID?  I could never
connect unless Broadcasting was enabled.

Also, do you have another ethernet device on your
system?  On the motherboard, perhaps?  My system
doesn't and my PCI wireless card, a D-Link 520 (series
E1), gets recognized as eth0.  If you do and aren't
using it, use BIOS to disable it.

What are you using for WEP decoding?  wpa_supplicant? 
If yes, you'll need to have wpa_supplicant up and
running before or at the same time as driverloader for
your card to connect and authenticate.


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