[driverloader] Problems with 64-bit broadcomm driver

Larry Sanderson larry at sanderson.net
Sun Jan 16 13:06:08 EST 2005

Hello - I have an HP zv5000z laptop (same as the Compaq RS3000) with a 
built-in broadcom wireless / bluetooth card.  I think others have gotten this 
configuration working, but I keep running into problems.

Driverloader does successfully identify my card and create an interface for 
it.  But a process "kdldrd/dpc" is pegged at 100% CPU and the computer slows 
down to an unusable state (it takes 30 seconds just to get the first page of 
"top" to show).

Also, the device was unable to locate my wireless network.  (iwlist scan 
resulted in: "Failed to read scan data : No data available")

Any ideas?  Here's some details on my configuration:

Gentoo x86_64
2.6.9 kernel (with some gentoo patches, and a patch for my touchpad)
  (Note: I have also tried a stock 2.6.10 kernel with the same results)
driverloader v. 2.23
bcmwl564 driver: 10/01/2002,



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