[driverloader] Slackware 10 problem

Daniel Quintiliani danq at ptd.net
Mon Jan 17 13:07:23 EST 2005

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A few months ago, I used DriverLoader successfully with my
Linksys WUSB54G Wireless-G USB card, connecting to a Linksys
WRT54G wireless router using WPA supplicant for encryption. I
used Slackware 10 with Kernel 2.6.7 (may have been a later 2.6

Since then, I switched from Linux to a different operating
system. The other day, I put Linux back on that machine,
although this time I used the included kernel 2.4.26 because 2.6
was annoying. My trial period had expired, so I bought a license
yesterday. The license validates 'OK' but I cannot connect to
the router.

"iwlist eth0 scanning" shows the router in range, as well as
neighbors' routers.

WPA supplicant gives repeated errors "Authentication with
00:00:00:00:00:00 timed out." (Note: That is the address of the
local loopback, not the MAC address of the router.) And that is
only after unplugging and plugging the card in and running
dldrconfig --info again. Creating symlinks dldr_wpa_supplicant
and dldr_wpa_supplicant.eth0.conf doesn't work either, it gives
error messages in the dldr_web_supplicant log in /var/log

I have played with rc.wireless.conf, rc.inet1.conf, and
netconfig. Nothing works, as iwconfig refuses to connect to the

The Web configurator works fine. However, trying to access any
other IP address besides gives an error "network is
unreachable," any hostname of course does not resolve.

dmesg shows eth0 being detected and then "Disconnected (0002)."

Do I need a 2.6 kernel to fix this situation? Or is there
another solution to this problem (preferred)?


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- -Dan

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