[driverloader] Old driverloader with 2.6.10

Torsten Wolf t.wolf at tu-bs.de
Mon Jan 17 22:21:19 EST 2005


As posted earlier, I have severe problems with versions of driverloader
more recent than 1.66. As soon as I insert the module, my Thinkpad R40
(AR5211) freezes. At various times I tried to find out which versions
might work, but data corruption as a result of the crashes somehow
lessened my enthusiasm. However, version 1.66 used to work like a charm
and with a fix for the unknown symbol waitpid all went well until
2.6.10. Now, I have an unknown symbol irq_exit, which prevents the
kernel from loading it. Can you please tell me, how to build version
1.66 under 2.6.10?

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,

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