[driverloader] Old driverloader with 2.6.10

Torsten Wolf t.wolf at tu-bs.de
Mon Jan 17 23:53:27 EST 2005


* Linuxant support (Jonathan) (support at linuxant.com) [050117 22:50]:
>did you tried with DriverLoader 2.20 and up? In DriverLoader 2.20, we 
>have improved compatibility for many chipsets and it is possible that 
>the crash issue has been fixed.

A few minutes ago I gave 2.23 another try and reassured that


were not set. Again, the system froze within minutes (which was quite a
long time btw). So I'll look at the changes between 2.11 and 2.20 and
hope that they are so obvious, that my "basic" programming skills are
enough to make my setup work again.


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