[driverloader] How many Free Trial copies can we have?

Terry Coles nof at hadrian-way.co.uk
Fri Jan 21 20:09:19 EST 2005

I've spent a while now trying to get a Linksys WPC11 to work on my wife's Dell 
Laptop.  I haven't succeeded yet, but haven't quite given up :-)

My daughter's Dell desktop has a Linksys WMP54G, which is a different chipset 
(Broadcom).  It occurred to me that If I set this one up and succeeded, it 
might give me some clues for setting up the Laptop.

I'm assuming that  I can't use the existing 30-day trial license key on the 
other machine, because it appears to be tied to the MAC address.  The 
question is, can I get another one?  I'm asking because it's a major exercise 
to move my daughter's machine close enough to a hub to get a non-wireless 
connection to the internet.  I don't mind doing it, but I don't want to find 
that I'm only allowed one key only after I've spent half the morning moving 

If I can, I'll give it a whirl tomorrow. 

		Terry Coles

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