[driverloader] .INF

Michael Mariani mmariani at fss.com
Sat Jan 29 18:25:52 EST 2005

I just set up my Dell Inspirion 1150 laptop and would like to set up the 
wireless adapter (Broadcom 1350) with driverloader under Linux.  I 
followed the instructions and eveything seemed to work fine, but when it 
got to the last step (configure), it asked for the .INF file.  I clicked 
browse, found the file and then it told me the file was not a valid .INF 
file.  The file was supplied from Dell's web site.  I un-zipped the 
downloaded .exe file on a Windows 2000 machine and transfered the files 
with sftp to my Linux laptop.  The directory contains: DELLOMCI.SYS, 

Can anybody tell me what I am missing?

Thank you.

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