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Michael Mariani mmariani at fss.com
Sun Jan 30 14:23:40 EST 2005

Good day (or evening)!
I am trying to install the Linuxart DriveLoader, but not having success.
I was hoping someone in this list can help.  I downloaded the software
and followed the instructions.  Everything went fine up until step #5,
configuration.  It says "no devices found" and "Please upload you
Windows drivers" . It then asks me for the .INF file and when provided,
it tells me that the files is not a valid .INF/NTF file.
I downloaded the Windows drivers from Dell as a zipped .EXE file onto my
Windows 2000 desktop.  I unloaded the file and used sftp to transfer the
files to my laptop.  Anybody have any ideas why it does not recognize
the .INF file provided?  Here are my particulars:  Dell Inspiron 1150
with a Broadcom 1350 internal wireless adapter.  Dual boot, Windows XP
and RedHat Linux Enterprise WS.  Downloaded files from Dell that were
copied onto my laptop (into my home dir):  DELLOMCI.INF, DELLSYS.DLL,
OMCI.VXD, OMCINT4.SYS, OMCIWDM.SYS.  The wireless adapter works fine
under XP.
Thank you!
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