[driverloader] Fedora Core 3 Problems with WMP54G

Tim Downey timothy.downey at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 22:51:29 EST 2005


I'm having trouble with driverloader and a new installation of Fedora
Core 3 with my Linksys WMP54G.

I've tried with both the stock and stk16 kernel versions of
2.6.9-1.667 with the same results.

I'm able to see my access point but not able to retrieve an IP
address.  Driverloader doesn't report any problems and iwconfig
appears to report the correct results.  Attempting to active the
interface 'eth0' through the Fedora Network Configuration wizard fails

I'm receiving tens of thousands of:

mythtv kernel: eth0: Error -5 tt
mythtv kernel: eth0: Error -5 transmitting packet

and an occasional:

mythtv kernel: New link status: Disconnected (0002)
mythtv kernel: Disabling IRQ #11

My WMP54G is using the rt2500 driver.  There are apparently two
versions of the WMP54G at this point, the v2 and the v4.  The drivers
linked through your website are the v2 (broadcom?) and the v4 are the
rt2500.  Driverloader tells me that it can't find the card when trying
the v2 drivers.

Also, kwifimanager is able to see and use the card to see the AP until
I try to active the network interface.  Using the Network
Configuration tool to activate the interface seems to make matters
worse and then kwifimanager stops seeing the card.

Do you have any suggestions?


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