[driverloader] driverloader only works when I issue the command dldrconfig --dumpdiag

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Tue Feb 15 10:36:19 EST 2005


if you have a CardBus (32-bit PCMCIA) wireless adapter, it is quite 
possible that the problem is that the 'pcmcia' service is started after 
the 'network' service. Please change the starting order of your services 
with the following instructions, these instructions should work fine on 
most system, except Gentoo :

Please take a look at both the '/etc/init.d/network' and the 
'/etc/init.d/pcmcia' files. In each file, you should see a line like this :

# chkconfig <run level number> <start prio number> <kill prio number>

Then, please edit the '/etc/init.d/pcmcia' file and change the <start 
prio number> to the <start prio number> found in the 
'/etc/init.d/network' file minus one. You will also have to change the 
<kill prio number> which can be calculated with this simple formula :

<kill prio number> = 100 - <start prio number>

After the modifications have been made to the '/etc/init.d/pcmcia' file, 
please run the following command in a root shell :

chkconfig pcmcia reset


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Eduardo Mendes wrote:
> Hello
> I have the impression that I am doing something really silly but the wireless 
> interface is only recognized when I issue the command dldrconfig --dumpdiag
> What I do is:
> a) modprobe driverloader
> b) dldrconfig --info   (shows no interfaces)
> c) dldrconfig --dumdiag
> d) dldrconfig --info (shows eth2).
> What am I doing wrong?
> Manh thanks
> Ed
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