[driverloader] Key in non-WEP environment?

James Aman aman at sxu.edu
Thu Feb 17 18:26:03 EST 2005

SuSE 9.1 Pro - Dell Inspiron 1150 - BroadCom 43xx integrated wireless

I'm pleased that DriverLoader works so cleanly in my wireless environment when the WAP is WEP-enabled.  If I set the key in /etc/sysconfig/networks/ifcfg-wlan0, the laptop makes connection without further tweaking.

However, I often have to work in unencrypted environments.  With the key in place at boot, connection to an unencrypted WAP does not occur.  Have I missed some setting somewhere?  Or will I have to "double boot" -- once to get access to ifcfg-wlan0 and remove the key, then again to come up without the key?

Thanks ...

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